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Following God's Path: Run the Race with Endurance

Updated: 6 days ago

{As for us, we have all of these great witnesses who encircle us like clouds. So we must let go of every wound that has pierced us and the sin we so easily fall into. Then we will be able to run life’s marathon race with passion and determination, for the path has been already marked out before us. Hebrews 12:1}

God has chosen and appointed His children to run our own race. God has a destiny for each of us to fulfill. And we are to give ourselves fully to Him so that we may reach our goal and finish strong. God doesn’t promise that the race will be easy. We will face conflict and obstacles throughout our designated course. But He does promise that the proper path has been laid out for us. All we have to do is follow Him.

I AM: Chosen

YOU ARE: Chosen

WE ARE: Chosen

run the race with endurance

Let me tell you about the race I am currently running and how God recently intervened on my behalf, so that you may be encouraged, strengthened and energized to continue running yours.

Our God is an awesome God!

Let me just start by proclaiming that truth today.

Today (9-20-2019) He did something very special for me. But before I tell you what He did, let me first share with you what happened yesterday.

For the last 2 years I have been running hard to publish my Christian women's book, Emergence: How to Experience Beauty and New Life in Dead and Dark Places. I have been working my fingers to the bone! (Typing, typing, typing!) My slim fingers are in the best shape of their life; they look good. Anyway, I had my first review from a literary agent over the book proposal I recently submitted. The consultation went well and I received great feedback:

☑ clear concept

☑ good writing style

☑ my personality comes through

But there is one area where I missed the mark:

- mature author platform (promotion, strong social media presence)

Here comes the bad news:

Without checking all the boxes, it is unlikely to be chosen and given the opportunity to make your mark in the publishing world from a traditional stand point, until reaching a minimum of 10,000 followers. Ouch!

Sadly, my proposal was rejected. In short, I felt rejected.

This REJECTION was crushing.

Here is why: I know I AM chosen.

It is my dream and passion to share the message God has given me through the book He has created through me. It is finished and I am ready to GO!

So why am I being rejected and held back?

I know He has Commissioned Me to go out and proclaim His message into the world.

I know God has Called Me to write, to share my story and to make a mark in His Kingdom.

Yet, right when I thought I was about to grab hold of the dream and promise He has placed in my heart, the finish line moved further out of reach.

There is more work to be done and more race to be run.

Now, this GIANT task appears unattainable. This TALL order seems impossible.

The intimidating GIANT taunting me screams from the crowd, “GIVE UP, QUIT, TURN BACK LOSER!”


“YOU ARE NOT KNOWN! YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH!” he yells from the sidelines.

That’s annoying, right?

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you have felt this same sting of rejection in your own way (turned down by an employer, rejected by a spouse, betrayed by a friend, insulted by a loved one) and you heard these same loud, OBNOXIOUS, condemning voices (you are not enough) after having come so far. And you knew in your heart that you were called, chosen, qualified and ready to advance to the next level.

But still- rejected.

It hurts right?

Now for the Good News:

It is simply not time to cross the finish line. Because God is not finished with you yet. He has something better in the making! (Man’s rejection may be God’s protection and promotion in disguise.) Remember God is working all things together for your good and working all things out according to His plan and purpose. Therefore, we must trust Him with the process.

{And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose. Romans 8:28 AMP}

No matter how things appear, no matter how you feel, and no matter what is said, if you are a child of God, then Daughter of the King- You are chosen by Him! You are known by Him! You will always be enough for Him! That is solid truth.

And when His timing is right, and you have completed your training for the mission He has called you to and chosen you for- you will be appointed! He has a perfect plan for your destiny!

God reminded me of that promise today. And I hope hearing these words will remind you too.


Knowing I would need an encouraging and motivating pep talk today (upon shedding a few tears) He placed something in my hand at just the right time-a book.

Listen to this:

When preparing my proposal, I had to research and list comparable works to my book. One book I chose was I AM: A 60 Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is by Michele Cushatt.

I ordered it last week, received it this weekend, and began reading it right away.

So today, I am reading it feeling sad and small on day 5, and here is what it said:

The topic- “I AM Chosen.”

The writer (now known and traditionally published) goes on to tell of her heart crushing experience with receiving rejection after rejection from her own book proposal submissions!!! She says,

“And His choosing relieves the sting of our rejections.” - Michele Cushatt

Wow! She once shared the same dream, and felt the same sting. Yet, here I AM reading her encouraging message through the book (I AM) that God created through her. That message made it all the way to me at just the right moment. It poured His refreshing words into my soul, and flooded me with rejuvenating hope, assuring me- My time will come! It reminded me Who I Am. I AM chosen!

This reminds me of how God (The Great I AM) called Moses to free the Israelites (His chosen people) from slavery and bondage. He called and chose one ordinary, imperfect and small man to fulfill His Mighty will and accomplish Great and powerful things for the children He loves.

“But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”

“And God said, “I will be with you.”

(Exodus 3)

This is how He chooses, because in our weakness His power is made strong in us.

(2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

You see, Moses had human weaknesses. He didn't check all the boxes either. It was God's strength that gave him the power, hope and confidence to make his mark.

I AM is all we need!

God gifted Moses with a staff in which His power flowed through and the ability to use his voice in which His words flowed through. I AM was indeed with him.

How many tasks was Moses called to complete throughout his journey before he completed his appointed mission?

How many times did he raise the staff against the opposition, spiritual warfare and the battles he faced?

How many times was his proposal (the Lord's message proclaimed through His servant- "Let My people go!") rejected and refused?

Children of God, we haven't yet reached the end. This life is a journey; not a destination. That is why we won't reach the finish line until we reach the end of our journey.

God showed up right in the midst of my rejection to coach me and cheer me on. He lovingly urged me to listen to His voice and reminded me to continue to (((FOCUS))) my gaze on (((His love))). And as I did, He fueled me with His living water.

His words of affirmation were the Gatorade for my deficient soul that said,

“Ignore the Giant, ignore your surroundings and keep moving towards Me just as you have been. Don’t get distracted. Don’t be discouraged. Throw off the enemy’s wounding words that so easily entangle and weigh you down, and let go of the sin of unbelief and doubting of My promises, so that you may run with ferocious freedom and fierce faith!

I AM calling you. I AM calling you forward. I AM calling you higher. I AM right in front of you, all around you and always behind you. I AM with you! I AM enough so you are enough. And there is a great crowd of witnesses applauding you from above. Remember that Moses, and most importantly, Jesus, once ran in your shoes. And He did not give up. He finished the race. He won the crown! And He is now sitting victoriously on the throne in Heaven!"

So (((Set your Sights on Things Above))), not on things below. (Colossians 3:2)

the victor's crown bible verse

(As we choose to (((FOCUS on JESUS))) the background noise begins to fade and our overwhelming circumstances begin to blur.)

Only God could have arranged something like that (first finding the book, then ordering it, then beginning it, then receiving that specific message, relating to my similar circumstances, all in perfect timing). That’s His timing!

God coordinated that moment in time just for me!

No coincidence. No mistake. It was divine intervention. No doubt! And it reminded me to NOT DOUBT WHO I AM or WHO HE IS. It also reminded me that I AM never alone. He is very present and compassionate towards my struggles and passionate about seeing me finish. Just as I AM was with Moses, I AM is with me all the Way!

The truth is I am advancing! I completed one leg of my journey and am now appointed to advance, promote and graduate to a higher level, beginning the next stage of my journey. I have just crossed a check point! I should be celebrating the ground I have covered and refusing to get discouraged over what still lies ahead. Most importantly, I should be celebrating the truth that I am not alone.

Unlike Moses, we don't need to carry a staff throughout our journey. Although He still gives many gifts to His children used to demonstrate His power. The greatest gift we have received through Christ is to now carry His Presence and Power with us through the indwelling Gift of the Holy Spirit! And that Gift was given to advance His Kingdom.

I AM is also with you!!

Now that my latest task is completed, it's time to move forward and work at achieving my next goal.

I have met with I AM on the mountain and He has shared secrets with me that He wants shared with others. This is my mission- to proclaim His message.

I am choosing to believe that at just the right moment, and when the timing is just right, my proposal will be accepted, and I too will deliver His message throughout the world!

I believe He is coordinating that specific moment for that special day to come.

In the meantime, I am still being used through the instrument of influence I have today- my voice. Each week I invite Kingdom Women to come into my home and hear the message that God has created through me as I share from my unpublished, yet written book. I am already sharing my testimony, teaching and storytelling through the Bible study I lead. I am Guiding Gals To Walk In God's Goodness and encouraging others to continue their race on the path of Life called Jesus.

Because I AM chosen.

And I hope to use these words as an instrument of His love, hope and encouragement that plays into the areas of your heart, cheering you on through the vulnerability and sincerity of mine.

walk with god

Hear loud and clear: YOU ARE CHOSEN!

I don’t know what Giant task or tall order He has called you to complete, or what race He has designated you to run. But I do know that if He has called you to it, He will be there through it! And we will conquer our giants because God is for us, God loves us and God is with us! That’s a promise.

{He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Deut. 31:8}

{You didn’t choose me, but I’ve chosen and commissioned you to go into the world to bear fruit. And your fruit will last, because whatever you ask of my Father, for my sake, he will give it to you! John 15:16 TPT}

Don’t doubt it for a moment.

He will give us what we need and what we lack because He always has our back.

Our God is an awesome God!

And He would never put a dream inside of us that is too far out of our reach. Or appoint us to a task that is too impossible for us to breach.

Your next appointment will come.

He has awesome plans for your life and mine. We just have to trust Him through the process of making the dreams and goals He has put inside of us a reality.

Eventually we will cross that finish line. If we do not quit running forward, if we do not give up hope, we will conquer as we (((Set our Sights on Things Above and FOCUS on JESUS to lead the Way.)))

I’m not giving up on my dream to publish traditionally through a Christian publishing house. Although I have weaknesses, my hope and confidence is placed in Him. With God's strength and power I know I am able to reach my giant goal of acquiring a minimum of 10,000 followers if it be God’s will for my destiny.

When it isn’t in God’s timing or will we can’t FORCE it.
When it is in God’s timing and will we can’t STOP it!

I don’t know how everything will come together, but I Trust He has a plan and that He will show me the Way because I have been uniquely chosen for this appointed race. He has parted the waters for me in the past and I know He will be faithful to part them again and again in my future.

I will check that box.

In the meantime, today, each of us still has the opportunity to MAKE OUR MARK.

Are you READY and SET to GO where He leads?

Never give up!


more than conquerors bible verse

(((And if you happen to have 10,000 friends, or even 1, please send them my way. I always say, one step at a time, in the right direction, will get you to where you need to go. I’ve got a lot of steps ahead of me. But I’m following Jesus! And with each new follower, I am one step closer.))) ;)

PRAYER: Lord, please help us (Your children) to be more than conquerors through Your love, to trust You through the process, to run and not quit, to fulfill our destiny and calling and to make our mark in Your Kingdom. And to remember we are Chosen.

We love You. We praise You. And we thank You for choosing to be with us.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

“No chance of rejection. Instead, chosen. Wanted. Celebrated. This day and every day yet to come.” -Michele Cushatt

Thank you Michele for your gift and your instrument that God used to touch me today.

I wrote this original blog post in 2019.

As of today (5-14-2024), I've self-published six books, won three book awards, and I'm working on my next children's book. I consistently pray and ask God to close doors no man can open, and open doors no man can close until I'm walking in His perfect will for me. God constantly shows up in new and amazing ways. I've been given some amazing opportunities to share my stories that only God could have orchestrated. He's faithful to lead us to fulfill the call on our lives in His timing. I pray this message was a blessing and an encouragement for you. Keep following God's path!

God bless,

Mistie House

Award-Winning Christian Author and host of the Beloved Bride Christian women's podcast.

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