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Mistie’s testimony in Emergence is powerful and creative. Her message strengthens the heart with the truth that a beautiful identity in Jesus is no fairy tale—it’s real life! Mistie compassionately ministers through her storytelling and prayers. As you journey through this book, you will have an opportunity to discover transformation in your own life. What a gift!

Kim Witcher

Executive Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church

Mistie House’s Emergence is a wonderful read that will keep you glued to your seat as you find yourself immersed in the author’s life’s story—the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’ll find yourself quickly bonding with Mistie as she takes you into her plights, tossing etiquette and embarrassment aside to show you how to turn the consequences of bad choices into victories. Although fairytales aren’t realistic for most of us, Emergence delivers in giving much-needed hope that through Christ Jesus, we all can live a happily ever-after. 

Sherrie Clark

Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author, Ghostwriter, Editor, and Publisher

CEO, Storehouse Media Group

Communication Strategist and Speaker

No doubt, Mistie House penned Emergence in the secret place, knowing firsthand the extravagant love of King Jesus. The One who rolls up His sleeves and chases after His Bride to free her from the enemy's lies . . . lies that leave her identity marred, lured into the illusion that the mirror has the power to define her beauty. Mistie's creative interlacing of a classic fairytale, scriptures, and her personal struggles all link to a redemptive love story. This book will awaken many hopeless hearts to their True Love-Jesus, where they too will discover how to mirror His face.
Reba Russell
Author, Executive Director and Pastor,
Total Freedom Ministries

In a time where women of all ages are bombarded with images and voices telling them who they should be and what they should want, Mistie reaches in and reveals what we were all made to long for . . . love. True love is not found in a fairytale; it is found in Jesus. EMERGENCE masterfully weaves together a well-known fairytale, her own story, and God's Word, and invites you to discover your story through the love of Jesus.
Tommy and Lana Spencer
Youth Pastors at
The Church at Bushland

Mistie has done an incredible job at weaving the truth of God's love and mercy into her own story. She is open and honest making herself vulnerable which is one of the greatest and bravest decisions we can make. She shares her journey with all its ups and downs, broken moments, and hope filled ones so that we can know the truth . . . no one is beyond the reach of God. He is always there ready to take us as we are, and heal us in order to give us a new life filled with hope for tomorrow. Thank you, Mistie, for having the courage to share your beautiful story. This will be a blessing to all especially those who feel they are beyond the reach and unworthy of God's grace and love.
Sarah Schurman
Creator of
Sit Still My Daughter Magazine

Let Us Rejoice

"In Let Us Rejoice: Rejoicing in the Day the Lord Has Made by Mistie House, a young daughter rises early to greet each day, ready to live joyfully, love greatly, and shine brightly for Jesus the whole year through. She begins with her birthday and moves on to celebrate new life and various holidays together with friends and family like Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, along with vignettes of each season. Winter sledding, Spring planting, Summer beach fun, and Fall with its piles of leaves to jump in are all pleasantly depicted in full-color, appealing, colored pencil drawings. Smiling faces and happy eyes are sure to make a child feel welcome here in every season of the year.

Let Us Rejoice by Mistie House is a charming picture book in verse form through the normal holidays a child might experience during the year. Each holiday has a focal Bible verse that the family can look up, which is paraphrased in rhyme for kids to memorize or just enjoy. The main character is a daughter who celebrates life and holidays with friends and family. Friendly dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and caterpillars bedeck the full-colored pencil artwork on each page. Bright colors and balloons, smiles, and shining eyes greet the child each day, making this book a safe and friendly treasure for a young reader to enjoy again and again. Perfect for families of early reader girls or boys who want to knit faith and God's Word into each part of their child's year."
(5 Star Rating) - Christopher Solaas, Readers' Favorite Book Review

Mistie House created a world of wonderment in Let Us Rejoice. Her poetic penning and masterful illustrations set out on a journey to ignite joy in various seasons of life. In a culture where our children's identity is becoming skewed, Mistie clears a defining path. Each page reflects the beautiful design and unique heart of little girls and invites them to celebrate moments through the eyes of God's goodness.  Let Us Rejoice is comparable to opening a glimmering treasure chest full of surprises that captures the heart of all daughters of the King.
Reba Russell - Author and Executive Director of Total Freedom Ministries

From the changing of seasons to the backdrop of holidays, and the normal days in between, "Let Us Rejoice" delightfully shares the truth that every day is a day to bless the Lord! Dive in with your child and don't miss the treasure hunt for verses within the pages... this will quickly become a favorite!
Tommy and Lana Spencer - Family Pastors at The Church at Bushland

Let us Rejoice is a sweet book that encourages us and our children to find joy in each day that God gives us. Through good times and hard times, we can find God's provision through it all. As parents sit with their children and read this book, I pray they find God's gifts in their own daily lives.
Rachael Travis - Homeschool Mom, Pastor's wife, Realtor

The Perfect Prize

The Perfect Prize: How Jesus Showed Me the Way by Mistie House is a picture book for young children. A young girl is counting down to the day that she and her family are going to the fair. She's waited all year long and can't stop thinking about what will be her perfect prize. She's too excited to sleep and too distracted to learn at school as this special day simply can't come quickly enough. The school bell rings and it's finally time to go to the fair. When they arrive, the girl is so excited that she ends up losing her family. Instead of panicking, she turns to someone for help. Can you guess who the girl asks to help her and what do you think her perfect prize will be?

The Perfect Prize was a pleasure to read. There are many important lessons for children to learn from this book, and I liked that Mistie House chose the main theme of teaching children that they are never alone, even in scary and unsettling situations. I also feel that the reader doesn't necessarily have to be religious as the message remains relevant in that someone is always there to help you, and the principle is that it's not a bad thing to ask for help. The illustrations are adorable and will catch children's attention from the moment they see them. I enjoyed every word written by Mistie and I hope to read more from her soon. 

(5-star rating) - Amy Louise Hill, Readers' Favorite Book Review

This book was an uplifting read ideal for religious homes and schools. If you're a family of faith, I encourage you to share this Christian-based story with your child (2 years and older).

(Loved it!) —Kameron Brook, Reedsy Discovery


"No matter your size, your shape, or your hue,
God made you wonderfully and there's only one you!"

We all are unique and here for a purpose, and God created everyone for a set goal. Based on Psalm 139 and filled with rhymes of godly affirmation, charming illustrations, and bible verses on each page, God Made You Wonderfully makes it easier for parents to teach children about God and their purpose so they can understand how to deal with their day-to-day situations and emotions.

God Made You Wonderfully is a delightful story of a curious Green Crayon who is unhappy with her Green color. She wants to be like other colors and always wonders why God made her green. Determined to change her destiny, she removed her green mark from everywhere, including trees and leaves, which resulted in chaos. Her intentions were not bad, she was embarrassed for what she did.

Embark on Miss Green's journey of self-discovery and embrace the unique way in which God created us all wonderfully with a definite purpose.
This book is worth reading with the children because it gives them the proper amount of confidence and courage to discover their uniqueness and true worth, and makes them ready to conquer this world.
(5-star rating) - Book Review by KidlioMag, A Kids Literary Magazine

God Made You Wonderfully

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